The world of sports and entertainment has become a world of business. This is true in a small world now ruled by the internet, in which both sports and entertainment industries have become a global reference for economic activity, competitiveness and innovation. Many companies have looked into these industries as a reference and opportunity to advertise their products and services through millionaire agreements.  

As the complexity and specialization of the business of sports and entertainment continue to grow, in Vila® we have the strong conviction that so does the need for sophisticated counsel with a deep understanding of our client´s issues, the experience necessary to effectively and efficiently help them achieve their goals, with a track record of delivering results for our clients on the matters that mean the most to them.  

Having dealt with very important cases in these industries, Vila has developed a strong reputation in international sports and entertainment law with specialists in the area.  We regularly advise clients on several areas such as football, boxing, acting, etc. 

With multi-lingual lawyers who are experienced in the field of sports and entertainment Vila ® is pleased to assist our clients within these fields. 

Whether it is advising about the acquisition or disposal of professional sports franchises or development, growth and infrastructure sites, or working with individual athletes, coaches, managers and executives in their career associations, including all aspects of corporate law, public finance and regulatory law, we have the experience and qualified professionals needed to advise our clients. 

Our service to this industry is designed to meet the needs of each client, and may be offered on an ongoing basis, in relation to the clients, day-to-day activities, or in relation to special engagements. In Both cases, fielding the right professional team allows Vila ®, to always offer services of the utmost quality and efficiency. 



Sports encompasses a multitude of areas of law brought together in unique legal compliance.  

Entertainment law involves the application of contract, commercial, employment and intellectual property law principles. 

Brand and Intellectual Property Protection Worldwide 

Merchandising and Distribution preserves marketing investments by assisting customer trust and revenues. 

Anti-counterfeit legal strategies.  

Litigation and dispute resolution. 



Some of Vila® relevant cases of 2015 include representation in all negotiations for agreements, sponsorship, brand protection, licensing business and other commercial activities of one of the most important figures in boxing, current champion of the WBC and WBA;  Representation of two Foot Ball Teams of Mexico´s Premier League working as their legal department, handling all contracts and agreements, brand protection, licensing, regulatory, anticounterfit, sponsorhips and other commercial activities. 

We have represented one of Mexico´s most important actors as well as one of Great Britain’s most important theater companies on performance licensing agreements when it comes to negotiations and brand protection. We were designated counsels of the Mexican Government for an arbitration process against International Swimming Federation regarding to the 2017 FINA Wolrd Championship.