As the main  Boutique Law Firm  in Western Mexico, we play a remarkable role leading our highly specialized Intellectual Property law practice. Our capacities, culture, infrastructure and skills have been recognized by our clients. We have embraced  diverse business practices  from several industries such as telecommunication, pharmaceutical, automotive, confectionary, alcoholic beverages, textile, jewelry, manufacture, lighting, tools, sports and entertainment, among others. 

Our  drive and passion  guide our efforts to provide strategic, comprehensive and cost-effective services. We pride ourselves on our  excellent relationships   with our clients, which are fueled by constant and effective communication

As active members of the main national and international  associations, we frequently contribute with academic publications, as well as lectures at universities and professional forums. 



Management and protection of IP portfolios 

Legal standing of IP goes beyond filing and prosecution. Our business oriented focus, allow us to concentrate our efforts to analyze your IP assets in order to suggest and implement the most convenient solutions to increase your potential. In addition, we have a 360° overview of the cases that allow us to foreseen co-lateral relevant issues, namely tax and finance. 



Vila is proud of a lenght record of success on litigation and settlement disputes. Our highly skilled legal and technical staff ensures the best course of action to protect and enforce IP rights, as a result, they are able to work with our clients to jointly develop strategies to maximize their rights and position within the market. Litigation before administrative and judicial courts, border measures, enforcement, domain name dispute resolution and unfair competition; are part of our specialized services in this area. 

  • Development of solid strategies against unfair competition and counterfeiting 
  • Litigation before judicial and administrative courts 
  • Trademark Monitoring and survelliance 
  • Mediation and arbitration on IP disputes, including domain names controversies 


Filing and Prosecution 

VILA specialized Intellectual Property (IP) Team offers an integrated, cross-border service to meet our clients’ IP needs. 

Having a strong background in enforcement, prosecution, management and litigation IP matters, our services include:

  • Copyrights. 
  • Designations of Origin. 
  • Domains. 
  • Franchising and licensing. 
  • Patents, utility models and industrial designs. 
  • Plant varieties. 
  • Slogans. 
  • Trademarks. 
  • Trade secrets. 



In light of the foregoing, our firm is able to assist you in the following matters:

  • Licensing, franchises and assignments
  • Transfer of technology, commercial representation, trade secrets; as well as business negotiation consultancy 
  • Auditing and valuation of intangible assets 



We develop our working scheme from a preventive and strategic point of view, offering integrated services timely and efficiently; highlighting our call for constant and effective communication with our clients. 

Our knowledge, skills and care to deeply study the cases entrusted to our firm allow us to propose viable solutions for our clients’ interests; always providing the experience and technical background for possible scenarios, repercussions and consequences in other legal areas. 

Our professional relationship and alliances with leading law firms in the most important cities of the Unites States, Canada, the European Union, Asia and Latin America, benefits our clients in a globalized business environment. 



Representing an important international pharmaceutical company on prosecution process against competitor for unauthorized use of registered trademarks. 

Representing a World Famous Aircraft manufacturer on a trademark dispute against a world leader car manufacture, obtaining favorable resolutions on benefit of our client. 

Recovery, through litigation, of World leading trademark in the fashion industry. 

Recovery of multiple trademarks related to cosmetic products to their legitimate owners through litigation strategies.

Recovery of a domain name of a leading company of passenger transport through the arbitration proceedings before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 

Recovery through litigation of world famous trademark for the automotive industry for illegal use of IP rights. 

Representing a leading pharmaceutical company in simultaneous injunctions to seize counterfeit goods in several cities in Mexico, for the unauthorized use and reproduction of three dimensional trademarks and designs. 

Recovery of the trademark holding for one to the most important football team of the National MX League.